An Iowa town's annual Pancake Day celebration included a bigger party when they broke a Guinness World Record being broken when a whopping 14,280 pancakes were cooked and served at the festival.

Pancake Day in Centerville's organizers said 2,400 pounds of pancake batter were donated for the event by Hy-Vee. The chain previously set the Guinness record for Largest Serving of Pancakes at 13,000 pancakes, in Blue Springs, Missouri back in June.

Organizers said the event typically sees around 17,000 pancakes served during the day, but for it to fit within all of the requirements for what a "Pancake" is by Guinness World Records, they had to reduce the number.

Guinness World Record rules state all pancakes have to be at least 5 inches in diameter and no more than .39 of an inch thick.

Back in June, Hy-Vee broke the record at an even 13,000 pancakes in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Their event featured 18 chefs working on six propane griddles over seven hours to make the pancakes. All the pancakes made were donated to the Harvesters - The Community Food Network.

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