A video we're told has taken place in Iowa has hit some virality on the internet based off its purely advanced redneckedness.

rcmeyer04 via TikTok
rcmeyer04 via TikTok

The video shows a group of people hanging out by the pond on their farm, (and surely having some drinks), one of the guys had a great idea involving their crop-dusting drone.

I obviously wasn't there and only have the video below to go by, but I'm imagining the conversation went just like this:

The pilot was showing it off to the other guys as a "check out what I just bought", and was telling them about the lift capacity of the drone, which according to the website, the AG-272 can lift up to 600lbs.

One guy probably said "Oh, so it can lift me? Prove it." Then, after hovering a few feet off of the ground, somebody had a next-level idea to put the guy out over the water and lift him higher.

So, that's where the video begins.

The drone hovers over one of the men standing near the water, and he grabs onto the rails on the bottom of it.

rcmeyer04 via TikTok
rcmeyer04 via TikTok

It lifts him off of the ground and begins to hover out over the water. Once in about the middle of the pond, the pilot of the drone lifts the guy up higher, to about the 15-20 foot mark.

Once at the proper height and distance into the water, the guy drops down into the pond below him.

It's redneck genius, and completely believable that it'd happen here in Iowa.

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