After the derecho came through last week, trees across the state were damaged. The Iowa National Guard isn't even close to being done helping with cleanup, and they've already removed over 2 million pounds of tree debris so far.

With no shortage of trees, Amanda Rhomberg's son decided to pick out the very best branch, and make a baseball bat out of it.

According to her post, the woodworking kid spent over 10 hours hand whittling his new baseball bat. It even has engraving that reads "THE GREAT DERECHO".

It reminds me of that SImpsons episode "Homer at the Bat" where Homer carves his "Wonderbat" out of a tree branch that was struck by lightning in his yard. And proceeds to use it to hit a bunch of home runs with it. If you forgot here's a clip.

Now sure, I remember that The Simpsons were parodying The Natural, but the Simpsons was so much funnier than that Robert Redford movie. Either way, here's to hoping every hit he has matches the speed of that storm. Or at least, a few home runs like Homer Simpson.

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