The 2020 Iowa high school football season is wrapping up in the UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls with a few games left, but nothing will top the game between Remsen St. Mary's and Montezuma.

In the first 8-Player State Semifinal, a total of 202 points were scored. Remsen defeated Montezuma with a final score of 108-94.

It's the highest-scoring game in state history, and is the first to surpass 200 points. Remsen is only the sixth 8-Player team in state history to break 100 points.

Some other notable state records:

  • Montezuma is the first to score at least 90 points and lose.
  • First game in state history to have both teams break 90 points
  • Montezuma had 804 total yards of offense, the most for a single-game in an 8-Player game.
  • Montezuma also had a record shattering 744 total passing yards, another 8-Player game record.

The final score is also higher than the combined number of students enrolled at the two schools.

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