According to a post from Hawkeye Heaven, the online source of news for all things Iowa Hawkeyes, the Hawkeye Marching Band will not be performing their halftime show at the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl.

The page shared a message from Christian Frankl, the drum major of the Hawkeye Marching Band.

"Hey! My name is Christian Frankl, and I am the drum major of the Hawkeye Marching Band. As you may know, the HMB is traveling to Orlando for the Citrus Bowl.


We were just informed that we are only playing in the pregame slot of the game instead of both pregame and halftime. Gavin DeGraw is playing instead.


We have worked so hard this season, and we believe the Hawkeye fans would love to see our band (and the UT band) play both pregame and halftime at the game.


I hold nothing against Gavin DeGraw, but pregame and halftime shows of college football games should be for the bands.


If you could please share this Citrus Bowl post and urge our fans to support the band playing at the game, I would greatly appreciate it! Go Hawks!"

The typical bowl game will feature pregame and halftime performances from both team's marching bands, who have worked hard all year to get the opportunity.

Gavin DeGraw was selected as the halftime performer, perhaps known best for his 2003 hit I Don't Want To Be which was chosen to be the theme song for teen drama One Tree Hill.

The Cheez-It Citrus Bowl's post announcing DeGraw's performance was met with some animosity from fans.


The reactions on the post itself were overwhelmingly negative - and it's nothing to do with Gavin DeGraw, the anger is directed at the bowl organizers.

"Don't turn this into some kind of superbowl extravaganza. Let the school marching bands perform. They have worked hard for this. Don't ruin it for ratings!" Wendy Alonzo said.

"College bowl game half time is for the band! Why are we changing it now? #letthebandplay" Emily Guyer commented.

Parents of students in the bands chimed in as well, with one mom, Robin, "Please let the bands perform!!!! Us parents are traveling to the game to watch the band too!!!!!"

Stephani Geerdes wrote a letter in the comment section of the post;

"Dear Cheez-It Citrus Bowl, College Football Fans want to feel the energy of their marching bands. They aren't buying tickets for a concert. They are buying tickets for the college football experience. Please let the Hawkeye and Volunteer Marching Bands provide your half-time entertainment and while you are at it, please broadcast the half-time show so your viewers can be a part of the full-game experience."

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