If there's any place in the world where you can get away with whipping out your junk in front of other people, it's a public bathroom. You've got to do something pretty weird to make that situation turn illegal.

42-year-old Thomas Morgan was in the men's room inside the library at the University of Iowa back in May. Apparently, he was taking that opportunity to measure his junk.

He had a few cardboard rulers and a Sharpie, and he was standing by the urinal, taking his own measurements.

Morgan kept doing it when another guy came in to use the bathroom and then started talking to the guy about his size. He made sure the guy got a good look at his semi-engorged package.

The guy wound up calling the cops. Morgan was just arrested and charged with indecent exposure. No idea why it took a four-month investigation, things must be very slow in Iowa City.

By the way, there's no word on how the measurements turned out.

Johnson County Sheriff's Office
Johnson County Sheriff's Office

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