The Isle of Capri was slapped with a fine after a mother sneaked her underage son onto the floor back in September. The fine is a $10,000 fine from the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission.

The administrator of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission says the mother brought her son in an attempt to extort money from the casino for allowing an underage person into the gambling area of a casino.

The general manager of the casino, Nancy Ballenger, told Radio Iowa that employees turned the boy away twice, but he was able to get in when the mother distracted the staff.

Daniell Skrogstad, the mother, was arrested and charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. The last time the casino was in court for an incident like this was over nine years ago, and Ballenger says she is proud of the training the casino has put in place to prevent underage players from entering.

Iowa Racing and Gaming Commissioner Jeff Lamberti is calling for the state to look into tougher penalties for adults who help underage people get into Casinos.

Read more at Radio Iowa

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