It's always important to be sure those who risked it all for our freedom are taken care of.

WalletHub conducted a comparison between all 50 states and their ability to provide a comfortable and healthy environment for retired military, especially during the transition into civilian life. They scored each state on a set of 29 questions, from how many veterans per capita to job opportunities for veterans, to how many VA facilities are available.

They then took the data and scored each state, based out of their average in three categories:

  • Economic Environment Rank
  • Quality of Life Rank
  • Health Care Rank

The study found Virginia to be the best, and the District of Columbia to be the worst. Iowa and Illinois ranked surprisingly low.

40. Illinois

  • Total Score: 46.82
  • Economic Environment Rank: 30
  • Quality of Life Rank: 43
  • Health Care Rank: 20


43. Iowa

  • Total Score: 45.50
  • Economic Environment Rank: 37
  • Quality of Life Rank: 32
  • Health Care Rank: 43


Source: WalletHub
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