There wasn't exactly a big announcement, but if you follow this former eastern Iowa America Picker's star, someone is ready to bare more than their soul with fans.

We were actually checking out this star's Facebook page when we noticed a subtle nod to a social media subscription service. Someone other than Mike wants to connect with fans in a slightly more intimate way. We weren't exactly cruising the OnlyFans social media site, but once there we found it.

LeClaire's Very Own American Pickers

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Remember when Mike, Frank, and Danielle were our eastern Iowa hometown celebs? On any given day you could bump into one of them at the local grocery store or hair salon. When American Pickers blew up and became a nationwide hit it seems like our hometown TV stars disappeared. And let's not even talk about the big 'split,' the drop in the show ratings, and Frank's struggles.

Eventually, all three stars went their separate ways. If you've followed their stories you know that one of those stars fancied burlesque.

What is Burlesque?

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Burlesque has roots in the vaudeville era and has transformed into its modern-day reincarnation characterized by its risqué humor and striptease-style performances.

These days, with clubs having a hard time packing seats, it seems burlesque is tailor-made for an OnlyFans account.  Ya know....since we can't put that kind of stuff on after American Pickers on the History Channel.

Good thing for us, a certain tattooed vixen has the "balls" to do just that.

Burlesque in the Digital Age

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It's not easy to enjoy a burlesque show. They're hard to find since performances are met with backlash from moral crusaders and Jesus freaks who saw the performances as a threat to societal norms.

Sound familiar?

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It only makes sense for burlesque to take on a new form in the digital age. With the rise of platforms like OnlyFans, performers are able to reach a wider audience and offer their performances directly to fans.

American Pick-Her

Recently we discovered, Danielle Colby, The Queen of Rust from American Pickers, has stepped into the world of OnlyFans, giving fans a sneak peek into, "life." Turns out Danielle's 21-year-old daughter, Memphis may have encouraged her mom; or was it the other way around? Memphis has her own OnlyFans account and according to, she's doing fine collecting a cool six figures by sharing her art with followers.

Apparently, Danielle's subscription was on sale recently.

Danielle still performs on stage when the opportunity arises.

When she isn't performing she posts her burlesque photos on her OnlyFans page.

Maybe you're a history buff or just looking to support a lost judgment coming from this side of the glass..

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