I came across this newscast from a few years ago, of a sport I bet you never knew existed: Shoving a live animal down your pants and trying to see who can last the longest without the animal getting out.

It's called Ferret Legging.

"3, 2, 1! Drop that weasel!" the announcer says.

Newsy World via YouTube
Newsy World via YouTube

"You take a live ferret who is fully clawed, fully fanged, fully awake, and fully sober and drop it down your (sealed so it can't escape) pants and see how long you can endure," the anchor in the clip explains.

Ferret legging originated with poachers, who would have to hide their spoils in their pants to get around authorities. Sometimes, the poached ferrets wouldn't be dead yet, so they'd wake up and try to get out. They didn't just have to try and keep the ferret in their pants, they'd have to act cool about it too.

Smiling police officer
Thinkstock Images

Is that a ferret in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

Check out the video of the sport here:

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