When the first trailer for The Batman showed up online with a clear image of a riddle from Paul Dano’s Riddler to Robert Pattinson’s Batman you knew it was only a matter of time before someone online solved it. Sure enough, just a couple days after the premiere of The Batman’s teaser, the riddle has been solved. You’re going to have to do better than that to beat internet nerds, Riddler!

The riddle in the trailer reads “What does a liar do when he is dead?” When you decode the cipher at the bottom of the card (via ScreenRant) you get the answer: “He lies still.” Get it? Oh that Riddler, such a joker. (But not the Joker. Don’t let the similar aesthetics fool you.)

Although the cipher element is a new twist, the riddle is very much in keeping with Riddler’s classic pun-heavy style, with the double meaning of a dead body lying still, and also the notion of the character’s lies reverberating beyond the grave. Don’t be surprised if there’s an additional “lie” here somewhere — like perhaps the corpse that Batman and the Gotham City Police Department uncover isn’t who they think it is under all that duct tape, or if this person had their own secret identity (or “lie”) similar to Batman’s.

Whatever the full meaning, director Matt Reeves better leave the other riddles out of the rest of the trailers, otherwise there will be nothing to solve by the time the movie actually comes out. The Batman opens in theaters on October 2, 2021. Here’s the full trailer one more time:

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