If you or your kids grew up in the Quad Cities, chances are they spent one day of their fifth-grade year at Junior Achievement's BizTown. For them, it was probably one of the most memorable days of their childhood.

Junior Achievement's BizTown took an in-class learning experience and gave kids the chance to be an adult for a day.

After learning how to work their job, write checks, fill out deposit slips, and work with their team, the kids would head down to the 2nd Street location in Davenport that was set up like a small town.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There's a job for every kid. Some are managers, some financial officers, others are reporters, electric workers, restaurant employees, or even DJs.

The businesses included:

  • Bank
  • Newspaper
  • Energy Company
  • Factory
  • Restaurant
  • Health and Wellness
  • Agriculture
  • Store
  • City Hall
  • And one lucky kid who was picked to be Mayor

Each kid received a "Paycheck" every couple of hours, which they'd take to the bank to get cashed or put into savings. The money could then be used as currency in town to buy gifts from the store, the restaurant, or other options.

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The outreach program launched in 1999, and over their 22 years of being around, they've grown to reach thousands of students every year.

If you currently have a kid in any school within the districts of Davenport, Moline, North Scott, Muscatine, Pleasant Valley, Comanche, Geneseo, or Andalusia, they'll get to be a part of this awesome experience.

Hairball went down and grabbed some photos and reminisced about his day at BizTown, where he was in charge of the radio station, and did a little DJ work while his employees were on their lunch break.


He ran a deal where kids could pay $1 for a song request or shoutout, and $2 for a song dedication. Obviously, this is considered Payola, and Hairball's fifth-grade self should've been arrested, or at least fined. Instead, he was awarded "Citizen of The Day." Figures.

Nonetheless, it seems like someone liked his scam because they kept his moneymaker around. It's laminated on the desk of the radio station.


Check out these other BizTown spots and see if they unlock any memories for you.

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