I've had rivalries with my neighbor that just turn more into a pissing match than anything, but they were nothing compared to Amanda Friskopp's neighborhood rivalry.

What started off with each neighbor having one turkey, blew up into much more when the Friskopp's neighbor bought 3 more on sale for their yard. The score was 4-1, and Amanda's family decided they weren't going to stand for it, so they bought enough to bring the score up in their favor, and the war was on.

They're constantly trying to one up each other, driving store to store to try and find a good deal on their turkeys, at times not being able to find turkeys within a hundred miles of them.

Amanda's son, Paxton, is in charge of the official count every night.

As of Friday, the count was Friskopp 23, Vacha 25. Last year the Friskopp family won the competition, which ends on Thanksgiving.

Both families plan to keep the battle going year after year, until one finally gives up or they run out of room in their yards.

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