Police are investigating the report of a shooting after an unnamed man had to receive treatment at Passavant Area Hospital in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Cass County Sherriff Devron Ohrn said the man told police that he and family members, who he refused to identify of course, were trying out his new bulletproof vests when he had another person shoot him to try it out.

“Something like this is definitely not a good idea,” Ohrn told My Journal Courier. “We don’t know much about what happened because he wasn’t saying, but a bulletproof vest is not a catch-all.”

Bulletproof vests are useful tools for military and law enforcement, but don't guarantee to be 100% effective, and won't stop a bullet every time. Factors like the distance from the vest, the bullet's caliber and other factors that affect the bullet's velocity can impact the vest's reaction to the vest.

Here's a full explanation of how they work, what their uses can be, and who wears them:

“It’s not good at all because it can still go through — and that’s if it hits the vest at all, because they could miss,” Ohrn told the outlet. “Also, it is still a crime to shoot another person, even if they tell you to.”

Ohrn said this is a first for him during his longstanding career in law enforcement. The guy who got hurt's condition isn't known right now, but it's probably not great.

“We’ve had people who buy stun guns … and do this sort of thing,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever had someone shoot someone like this.”

So, to me, shooting your friends with a stun gun is cool, but shooting your friends with a real gun is bad.

Read more at My Journal Courier

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