A man in Lake Barrington, Illinois has had his FOID card revoked and he's been charged and arrested after accidentally shooting himself in the leg while dreaming, the Lake County Sheriff's Office reports.

Deputies said they responded to a report of a person with a gun shot wound around 9:50pm on April 10th in the 100 block of Shoreline Road. When deputies got to the location of the call, they found 62-year-old Mark Dicara with a gunshot wound to the leg.

Officials say deputies applied a tourniquet to Dicara's leg because he was losing a lot of blood.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office
Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Talking with Dicara, deputies learned he had a dream that someone was breaking into his home. In his dream, he retrieved his .357 magnum revolver and shot at who he believed was the intruder.

When he fired the gun, he wasn't aiming at anything, and shot himself in the leg, waking himself up from his dream.

Dicara was taken to a local hospital where he was treated and released.

Police were also able to clarify that there was no burglary attempt at Dicara's residence.


Deputies later learned Dicara had a revoked FOID card, but still possessed a firearm, which is why he was charged. The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office approved of charges of possession of a firearm without a valid FOID card (class three felony) and reckless discharge of a firearm (class four felony).

A warrant was drafted on Friday, and Dicara was arrested and processed Tuesday.

He was able to post bail of $150,000, and is due in court on June 29th.

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