Recently a new video was posted on TikTok by a former hotel manager, @melly_creations, sharing hotel scams we should watch out for. Melissa said she witnessed two common scams where people would steal credit card information from her hotel guests.

Fake Calls from the Front Desk

One of the most common scams is a call from the front desk claiming to be an issue with your payment method. The caller will then request you to confirm your details over the phone to fix the issue, often under the pretense of a discount or a refund. Unfortunately, by doing this, you provide the fraudster with your credit card details, and your funds may be drained.

Fake Menu Placed Under Door

People are scamming hotel guests by having them call the number of the fake restaurant on the menu, placing an order, and never delivering. Of course, the restaurant and the menu are not real and the scammers only used you to get your card information.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Here are a few more of the most common hotel scams to watch out for:

Skimming Devices on ATMs and Key Card Machines

Skimming is another way scammers attempt to obtain credit card details by attaching a card reading device to hotel ATMs and key card machines. When you insert your card, it is read, and the information is collected by the device and used by fraudsters.

Fake Booking Websites

Fraudulent booking websites, claiming to be the official website of a hotel, are on the rise. Scammers will advertise lower rates, and offer rewards and coupons to entice unsuspecting guests into booking. By entering your personal and financial details into these websites, your sensitive information is shared with the scammer.

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To protect yourself from these hotel scams, you can follow the following tips:

Be cautious with who you share your details with. Never give out your card information over the phone to people claiming to be from the front desk.

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Cover your hand while typing in your pin, be on the lookout for any irregularities in the machines or ATM when inserting your card.

Verify any links and phone numbers provided in your hotel emails and official websites. Ensure they are legitimate by calling the hotel directly.

Check your credit card account frequently, ensuring no unapproved transactions are being carried out.

As a guest, you have the right to protect your information, and don't fall for any hotel scam. Keep your personal details to yourself, and stay safe on your next stay.

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