When I go with my wife to the grocery store, I get to pick out food items like a little kid who rides on the bottom rack of the cart.  Just like when I was little and Mom would throw me a box of those animal crackers with the circus train on the label to keep me quiet.

Those trips to the store in the 70's still resonate with me.  At that time, stores were trying to keep customers buying, and the new way to save families money was selling generic versions of name-brand items.  I clearly remember the packaging, White labels, stenciled letters above a black and olive green stripe.  Seriously, it looks like you are eating MRE's out of the dumpster behind a FOB.  But the end result was that I learned that taste, not marketing, should determine what products you buy.

Back to my trip to the grocery store…While in the cereal isle, I came across my favorite cereal.  I haven't had it since before the kids were born… Apple Dapples.  Yep, no Apple Jacks for this kid.  Since I was a kid, we ate the cereals in a bag, and these 'Dapples bring back those delicious memories.  My kids think i'm insane (which I am, but for many more reasons than just this) and also believe it's a conspiracy that I will not allow them to enjoy name brand cereals…like is their birthright.

Fine, you kids eat what you want. More Apple Dapples for me!