We could all use a little more color in our lives and as for the phallic faucet, I just think that's plain funny. Maybe we all just take ourselves too seriously. This piece of real estate is going to be perfect for someone, but you'll have to love vibrant colors and appreciate washing your hands with a penis faucet.

This eclectic apartment in Waukesha, WI might be the perfect place for an artist or creative type. It's listed for $399,999 on Zillow and you'll find it at 234 Brook Street, Apt. 3 in the heart of downtown Waukesha. Just wait until you find the phallic faucet.

Here's the realtor's description for this vibrant space.

Home + storefront condo in walkable downtown. An artful oasis - a live/ work one-of-a-kind wonder. A magical, happy, peaceful, nature inspired retreat, created by designer/ painter/ developer JT Seymour to help anchor creatives in the heart of a vibrant, urban, walkable community. 3-story townhouse style with 1st floor office/ retail/ art studio (with separate furnace/ AC). Levels 2 & 3 could be two suites/ mother-in-law opportunity. Open kitchen living. 2 decks. Enclosed 1-car garage/ 1 outdoor assigned spot/ city parking for clients and guests. Tree-themed plastered murals throughout... if Van Gogh and Dr. Seuss had a tree house - magically divine digs. Rare to find a home and office as entertaining to look at and experience as it is a great place to entertain - family/ friends/ clients.

This 2 bedroom, 3 bath 2,191 square foot apartment can be yours. It's still on the market. Set aside a little extra cash each month though. The homeowner's association fee is $204 per month. 

Wisconsin Home Features Phallic Faucet and Plenty of Color

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