This all started because of a lame Facebook challenge, the one where you post eight 80's songs in eight days. I got roped into it, and now I'm kind of glad that I did.

My friend Jeno mentioned a song that got me thinking, "I Still Believe" by The Call. If you're not familiar with it, here's a link to listen.

Now, I know a lot of different people and I respect them all, even the dumb ones. So in the spirit of the song I ask you all to finish the phrase. I don't care if the responses are funny or sincere, rude or inspirational.

"I still believe..." the good in people.
...the story about Richard Gere and the gerbils.
...children are our future.
..."all men are created equal" We're all the same on the inside, it's culture, religion and up bringing that corrupts us.
...we all can make a difference!
...There are good people in this world. We just don't hear about them enough.
...God loves us. both a place called Hope and that shining city on the hill.
...Hillary should go to jail!!
...Keith Richards was replaced by a robot.
...this is the greatest country in the world!
...the Cubs will win a World Championship before I die. is best to choose the kinder path.
...that despite the cruelty that there is in world, there is still good in the hearts of man. America. marriage and family the good in people.
...a UFO crashed at Roswell.
...Lee Harvey Oswald did NOT act alone.
...some people have ESP. can be anything you want to be. the power of prayer.

What's mine you ask? What do I still believe? I still believe that you have the opportunity to be the best part, or the worst part, of somebody's day.