There are some bands who should have taken that advice, as they continue to disgrace the mantle of Rock and Roll (and that's saying something).

Bon Jovi are dead to me after this tour's Ritchie Sambora catastrophe.  First he's in, then out, then addicted, then fine, then replaced? Now he's announced they he's ready to rejoin the tour…y'know--just as soon as Jon Bon calls him back. I thought they were brothers in Rock?  Until, that is, it became less profitable for CEO John Bon Jovi.

I won't bore you with the unsexy details, but the band basically hasn't been a 'band' in the true sense of the word for more than a decade now, since Jon Bon took control and the others became hired hands, showing up for sessions, shows, and a paycheck.  A fine way to run a company but not a band. While onstage you have to at least try to sell the magic, which they did through 3 albums and tours, TV appearances, and awards.  But this, "Show must go on" with or without the co-founder and life-long friend mentality just killed it for me.

Replace the heroine-addict bass player John Such if you must, but one as integral as Ritchie to not just the sound of the songs, but the story of the band was a mistake I can't overlook. Even your forefathers Aerosmith had enough smarts to not replace Steven or Joe and still try to call it "Aerosmith". Bon Jovi just has a warmed-over filmy feel to it now, like they are the best Jovi cover band out there.  The shows on this tour are rendering the band irrelevant.  (coming form me that must really hurt the guys, no?)

So I submit my fan resignation after many years with the company.