I'll admit it.  I'm a bit of a cynic.  I try not to be but it's kind of hard when everything that gets thrown at us is either an advertisement or a ploy to get us to watch or click through (thanks for clicking through, by the way).

I could be wrong.  But I'll bet I'm not.  This dude is a bad actor pretending to have been knocked out for some sort of leg surgery.  He makes a big deal about thinking he had only been in the room for a minute and his lady friend laughs like a school girl.  She even pans down to retrieve the Doritos he requests and he proceeds to gobble the chips up like it was his first meal in a week.

Remember the Dogface dude?  The TikTok fella on the skateboard drinking Ocean Spray and singing Fleetwood Mac.  His whole profile is him skating and singing and for some reason this landed right with people.  Right place, right time.  And it got him a new truck, money from Ocean Spray...a ton of followers and Mick & Stevie even copied his video.

That was believable.

Then again I could be one of those people that think every tragedy has "actors" playing the part for the deep state.  So, maybe I'll go along with this one just to not be that guy.

"He woke up from surgery and only wanted one thing"...to be internet famous.

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