Posted notices at Hy-Vees in the Quad Cities have been seen that inform the public the locations will be closing at midnight beginning February 10th.

The company's website for the Moline store says the same thing, stating

"Our goal is to provide the best in-store experience for our customers. Effective February 10th, store hours will be 5 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. We have changed our hours to reallocate several team members to be available to assist customers during busier shopping times each day."

No postings on websites for Davenport locations yet, but we've been told there are signs posted.

A listener called in and told us the reason behind the change is because of high theft problems. They've had issues with people taking cart fulls of things like diapers, or laundry detergent when there is nobody around to stop them.


Here's our conversation with listener Jennifer.


Hy-Vee #3 (East Kimberly) is in the midst of undergoing a massive remodel, adding a dry-cleaners, Starbucks, Genesis Convenient Care, and taking over the Northgate Plaza event center to double the Wine and Spirits area.

I don't know where I'm going to buy Pizza Rolls at 2 am now.

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