Reportedly a crowd of near 300 Iowa State University students showed up near a lake on campus to mourn the loss of a student's fish, Digiorno.

According to social media posts, Digiorno was a fish that belonged to a student living on campus, and passed away in his tank earlier this week.

Following a post made with an open invitation for a proper funeral for the fish, 24 hours passed before the funeral took place at Lake LaVerne.

Students in attendance wore formal wear, according to a Reddit thread.

"Digiorno was a pet fish that had died while in the dorms. His funeral was broadcasted and many people attended in formalwear. Prayers were said, tears were shed and members of the marching band played taps and the fight song. Very beautiful ceremony," vibraslap_2640 wrote.

Photos began showing up around Facebook, showing the crowd, and even some shots from the funeral's events itself.

RIP Digiorno. I never met you, but you are obviously missed.

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