Every night we sit down and eat at the table.  Or TV trays depending on the nights programming.  The one thing you can bet on is the staring and idolization from my two dogs, Sarge & Sid.

It doesn't matter if we've just poured them a heaping bowl of their favorite dog food mixed with the beefy "wet dog food" as a treat.  They'd rather hold out hope and gamble on us dropping a piece of human food.

And around these parts...plenty of human food gets dropped.

Another thing you can bet on is that the dogs will be getting anxious to go outside at 11-noon.  This is there normal pooping time.

We've adjusted their eating schedule in order to move their poop schedule from 3am til 11am.  But what we might want to consider is changing their diet completely in order to have less poop!

According to an article at Studyfinds.org:

Researchers at the University of Illinois say that feeding canines dog food made with human-grade ingredients can result in up to 66 percent less poop to scoop. The team says these higher-quality dog food options, are becoming more and more popular in recent years, taste better, and are easier to digest for our faithful companions.

So all those commercials that tout a "real beef" or "real chicken"...or even "real vegetables" aren't full of...well...crap.  It makes perfect sense that your puppies would rather stare at you eating real food than go actually eat the bowl full of processed dog food they've got at the ready.

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