Autocorrect has given us some very funny "happy accidents".

Moms telling their sons that dad has heartburn and is being prescribed "two prostitutes" a day instead of "Prilosec".

Telling your first date that you can't wait for a second date so you can see they're "beautiful nipples" and meaning "dimples".

The hilarity ends when you're mad and want to express yourself as such but your stupid phone keeps auto correcting the f-word to "duck".

There are two ways to go about this.

The first way is to add the F-word into your contact list.  They don't know this, but as one of my connections I'm not too fond of is in my phone as F*** Face.  First name F***.  Last name Face.  It's still a problem for me so I need to add a F***ing F***er in there so, if you're not nice to me you might be the next on the list.

Or you can fix it into your keyboard settings and tell it to always replace the F-word WITH the F-word. On iPhones, it's called "Text Replacement."

On Androids, it's "Personal Dictionary." On an iPhone, just go to Settings . . . General . . . and find your Keyboard settings. Then click on "Text Replacement."

It's a feature that lets you create shortcuts. Like if you type, "omw" it'll change it to "On my way." But for this, enter the F-word as the shortcut AND the full phrase.

Android phones can do it too. Just go to Settings . . . Language & Input . . . and find a feature called "Personal Dictionary."

A fun way to mess with your friends would be to go to their settings and change a commonly used phrase like "OMG" and make it change it to "Go F*** Yourself".

Hilarity will then ensue.

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