Apparently the majority of us either order like kids, or have had mature tastes for pizza since the beginning.

Zippia analyzed a bunch of data from Yelp, and it turns out regular old Cheese is the most popular pizza type, with 29 states reporting back, with nearly the entire East Coast reporting back with cheese.

They also found:

  • Chicken is way more popular of a topping than it used to be. "Barbecue chicken pizza" was #1 in 7 states.
  • Three states had chicken, but with an added ingredient. Buffalo chicken, chicken bacon ranch, and grilled chicken white pizza made the list this year.
  • White pizza is #1 in Alaska
  • Get this though, Hawaii's favorite isn't Hawaiian, but it is Georgia, North Dakota, and New Mexico's favorite.
  • And of course, Taco Pizza is Iowa's favorite, thanks to Happy Joes, I'm sure.

Find your state on the complete list:



  • Alaska- White Pizza

  • Alabama- Cheese

  • Arkansas- Cheese

  • Arizona- Cheese

  • California- BBQ Chicken

  • Colorado- BBQ Chicken

  • Connecticut- Cheese

  • Delaware- Buffalo chicken

  • Florida- Cheee

  • Georgia- Hawaiian

  • Hawaii- Caprese

  • Iowa- Taco

  • Idaho- Cheese

  • Illinois- Cheese

  • Indiana- Cheese

  • Kansas- Cheese

  • Kentucky- Cheese

  • Louisiana- Meat Lovers

  • Massachusetts- Cheese

  • Maryland- Cheese

  • Maine- Grilled Chicken White Pizza

  • Michigan- BBQ Chicken

  • Minnesota- BBQ Chicken

  • Missouri- Cheese

  • Mississippi- Cheese

  • Montana- Pepperoni

  • North Carolina- Cheese

  • North Dakota- Hawaiian

  • Nebraska- BBQ Chicken

  • New Hampshire- Cheese

  • New Jersey- Cheese

  • New Mexico- Hawaiian

  • Nevada- Cheese

  • New York- Cheese

  • Ohio- Cheese

  • Oklahoma- Cheese

  • Oregon- Pepperoni

  • Pennsylvania- Cheese

  • Rhode Island- Cheese

  • South Carolina- Cheese

  • South Dakota- Chicken Bacon Ranch

  • Tennessee- Cheese

  • Texas- Cheese

  • Utah- BBQ Chicken

  • Virginia- BBQ Chicken

  • Vermont- Cheese

  • Washington- Cheese

  • Wisconsin- Cheese

  • West Virginia- Meat Lovers

  • Wyoming- Meat Lovers

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