According to Statefarm, West Virginia continues to top the list of "most likely to hit a deer".

Where are the only states that count on this list?

In Iowa, there is a 1 in 73 chance of killing Bambi.

In Illinois, that number drops to 1 in 200 (Thanks Chicago).

Tips to Avoid Animals in the Road

  • Stay Alert. Watch the ditches and pay particular attention to roads near water.
  • Use High Beams. Flicking your high beams might freak it out...or trigger an acid flashback.
  • Don't Swerve. If you come off the road, you might come back on too fast and flip your car.  Kill the deer!  It's fine. There are plenty of them.
  • Brake as Necessary. Don't swerve...hit the brakes!  Hong your horn...not only if you're horny.
  • Remember Peak Season. October through December is hunting and mating season. You've run a couple red lights on your way to getting will those big bucks!
  • Remember Meal Time. Between dusk and dawn is when they eat. So pay attention.
  • Watch for Herds. If you see one deer, there are more.



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