I just left a benefit for a wonderful friend, and the man responsible for the most enjoyable job I ever had.  At this benefit, we laughed for a minute, I cried for another, and then it was time to let someone else have a minute.  The one thing I am grateful for is being able to tell him how much he meant to me.

Mallards fans, you have all been so wonderful to me over the last 20 years and not only was it a pleasure to be your announcer, it was more fun than I ever had "working".   One of the biggest reasons for any success I can claim, is Glenn Kass.  Glenn was the first game ops manager for the team, and we clicked from day one.  Glenn taught me a lot about the game, and taught me a lot about how to be an entertaining announcer, and I'll never forget that OR the fun we had in those first years of Mallards Hockey.  I owe it to Glenn.

It's incredibly hard to say goodbye to someone you admire and love, and whom you've toasted championships with.  I can only hope that somewhere up top there's a hockey team that could use a game ops "pro".   We're gonna be sending one of the best !