I remember back in grade school we were subjected to various safety videos, looking back now we can see just how ridiculous they were.

Bus safety is no laughing matter, but do all the kids in the video have to die to get the point across? These absurdly bad 60's and 70's safety videos teach nothing.

How many accidents do you think there are in the United States? Take a guess? 100+ nationwide? Nope, they claim that every day there are 68 accidents a day. This is when there was less buses and less kids riding the bus.

Here's one called "...And Then It Happened." The kids are in the back smoking, there's a card game, one kid has a switch-blade. Where are they, the school bus or the prison yard?

Seven Oaks / Starbecker Productions

What caused the bus crash? These ne'er-do-wells dangled a mouse in front of the bus driver's face and made her faint.

Seven Oaks / Starbecker Productions

A listener called in and suggested we watch "One Got Fat." It's a bicycle safety video that features a bunch of kids riding dressed up as monkeys. Think "Wizard of Oz" flying monkeys, but waaaay creepier.

Of course children in the 1960s could only be taught through fear. So the movie shows them getting hit by buses and ran over by steamrollers on their way to a picnic.