It's hard to keep up with the day to day news.  Corona this & election that.  You really have to weed through all the information to get to the important stuff.

That's where Dee Snider comes in.  He gives you the important news that lets you escape from all the BS from the talking heads on television. If it ain't's crap, indeed.

Sharon says that Ozzy is getting stronger every day.  That's great news! In fact, he's already recording a new solo album.  (anyone just picturing Sharon wheeling the Oz Man into the studio and stuffing a microphone in his face?)


Whitesnake's David Coverdale calls people who refuse to wear masks 'Covidiots' which probably needs trademarked for tshirts & hats.

And by the way...did you hear Patience?  The Chris Cornell version?  It's a maze zing!

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