For the first time ever, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live willbe making a tour stop at the Alliant Energy PowerHouse for three performances.

Watch as iconic Hot Wheels monster truck toys come to life and rip around the field, with favorites like:

  • Bone Shaker
  • Tiger Shark
  • V8 Bomber
  • Demo Derby 

Also watch for appearances from new trucks, like:

  • Mega Wrex
  • Race Ace
  • Bigfoot Midwest Madness (A first-ever collaboration between Bigfoot and Hot Wheels)

Also to appear during the show are the car-eating, fire-breathing transforming robot, MEGASAURUS as well as Freestyle Motocross!

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live will take over the Alliant Energy PowerHouse February 12th and 13th, 2022, with shows at 12:30pm and 7:30pm Satuday the 12th, and Sunday February 13th at 12:30pm.

Tickets will are available through CREventsLive and the box office.

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