We've all been stuck in some really long gas lines at some point. I remember years ago, waiting for nearly an hour to just get gas, but I know there's people who have had it much worse.

Over in the United Kingdom, they're dealing with a gas crisis, which has brought long lines, shortages, panic buying, and skyrocketing prices. Of course, wherever there's chaos of some kind, there's someone there trying to make people laugh.

But just for a second, I want you to imagine that you're sitting in a long line, probably for over an hour, just to see a guy ride past your car on his way to get snacks while riding a horse.

Caters Clips via YouTube
Caters Clips via YouTube

26-year-old Angus Lee-Dolphin decided it'd be hilarious to go and troll everyone in the lines, by singing a song about the horse he's riding in the middle of town.

“Queing for petrol, queing for petrol.

I don’t need petrol, cause I’m on a horse.

I'm on a horse, I'm on a horse

I don't need petrol, cause he runs on carrots."

When asked, he told Caters Clips that he borrowed the horse from a friend, just for this stunt.

Shortly after uploading his horse video, he turned around and uploaded another video, of him riding through a line at the same gas station, this time on a bicycle.

He rides through the line, singing the third verse of his original hit, "I'm on a horse:"

"Queing for petrol, queing for petrol.

I don’t need petrol, cause I'm on a bike."

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