This incident does not reflect well on this guy.

A man in Russia who'd had a little too much to drink (actually, it was a lot -- we're just trying to be nice) found himself in a store when he came face to face with himself. Well, actually, he came face to face with himself in a mirror.

Like the new kid in school, an overly-priced menu or a prospective job applicant, this guy was busy sizing things up before checking out with his eggs (although he may be drunk enough to warrant sucking down some ice cream).

Your reflexes aren't as quick as they normally are when you have too much to drink, which may be why this man, in his stupor, was in awe that he couldn't deke out his reflection. He's just too swift for him(self).

Then again, we don't speak Russian. Maybe he was trying to say, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the drunkest one of all."

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