Hope Matters: A Benefit for Emily.

Saturday September 9th, come out to The Col Ballroom for a fun night to raise money for medical expenses for Emily Jackson.

Live music by The Night People, The One Night Standards, Fifth of Country and Jethro Johnny O and the Midnight Show. $5.00 at the door; all proceeds from tickets go to Emily.

There will be a silent auctions, 50/50 drawings, food and beverages for sale.

We are looking for donations for the silent auctions so feel free to message Jeff Jackson if you would like to donate any items.

To learn more about Emily's story or to donate directly to Emily, please follow this link to her GoFundMe page: www.gofundme.com/hope-matters-emily-jackson

Here's a link to the Go Fund Me page & below is the story:

Hope Matters – It came, We fought, I won

 When I was a little girl, my parents would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up.  To be honest, they asked all of their children the same question.  My siblings always changed their answers.  My sister wanted to be a veterinarian, a teacher and a “restaurant girl”.  I think my brother had all kinds of crazy ideas about his future.  I always had the same answer.  All that I ever wanted out of my life was to be a mommy.

There were times in my life where I really truly believed that it would never happen.  I think that everyone feels that way when they really want something.  I know what is like to be so far away from even being able to see how your dream can become a reality.   It turns out that I needed to do some work on who I was as a person so I could be prepared to be a good mother.

Finally, my dream became a reality.  I get to be a mom to an amazing little girl that is the light of my life.

In March of 2016, my light and my life were put at risk.  I came down with a virus, and I noticed that I was having a hard time speaking.  Only after I got better, my speech did not.  I was having difficulty lifting my right foot.  So, I went to the podiatrist, and I found out that I had drop foot.  I have had MRI’s, EMG’s, Lumbar Punctures and loads of blood tests.

Turns out that I have Motor Neuron damage.  However, I have yet to be firmly diagnosed with a specific disease.  Right now, I have difficulty speaking, walking, and moving my right arm.

I have an amazing supportive family.  They have been with me for every scary moment and have reminded me that I have so many reasons to fight.

What I’ve done:

·       Pray, on my own and with my family, for complete and total healing of my body.

·       Seen three neurologists (locally and in Chicago) as well as my primary care physician for medical care.

·       Physical and speech therapy, including a regimen of twice daily home exercises.

·       Seen a functional medicine physician with extensive testing.

·       Completely and dramatically changed my daily routines and diet. I am now on a paleo diet with a full regimen of medical-prescribed supplements.

·       Moved in with my parents to reduce expenses and for help in daily living.

Why I am asking for help:

·       Motor neuron illness is especially debilitating and expensive, and it affects every minute of my day.

·       I have decided to fight.

·       I have worked full-time my entire adult life, and I continue to do so now.  I am an Office Support Specialist at Western Illinois University.  However, my annual salary is just under $25K.

·       The cost of supplements $650/month.  And, some of the assistive devices that I would like cost thousands of dollars.  Eating an organic, paleo diet has doubled our household grocery expense.

·       All donations that I receive will be put toward my healthcare, specifically for co-pays, therapy, assistive devices for walking and speaking, prescriptions (including supplements, which are not covered by insurance) and I also would like to take a trip with my daughter.  Donations will also allow me to pursue any new clinical trials or therapies that become available.

I am asking you to support me as I continue to fight.  Your support will help me focus on getting well without having to agonize over how I am going to pay for it all.  There are lots of ways to support me and join me in my fight.  You could give a lump sum.  Perhaps, you will decide that you want to help by donating enough to buy a month’s worth of medications, groceries or co-pays.

Please think about sponsoring a month’s worth of supplements ($650), a month’s worth of groceries ($1,000) or a month of copays ($125).  Some people have said that they prefer to donate with a check.  If that is you, please email me at eijackson1976@gmail.com and I can give you that information. Whatever you decide to give, please keep in mind that every dollar will go towards maintaining my health.  I so appreciate you taking to read my story and I appreciate your gifts.

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