Towards the end of April, we talked about the family that got tricked into ordering Chuck-E-Cheese, because the restaurant renamed themselves on GrubHub as Pasqually's Pizza & Wings. Looks to me like Hooters is doing the same thing.

While perusing GrubHub to find out who would deliver pizza to the Rock n' Roll Mansion at 6 AM, I came across a restaurant called Hootie's Burger Bar. I saw the delicious looking burgers, but something didn't seem right to me.


I have never heard of this restaurant, and immediately thought it was someone trying to make a similar name to Hooters to show up on the Google machine. I eat out all the time, so I was confused.

So I decided to check out the restaurant's page on DoorDash, and not only immediately recognized most of the food, but noticed that the pictures have freaking Hooter's papers under the food.


Why do they think we have to be tricked into eating their food? Hootie's is Hooters and Hooters is Hootie's. Kind of like Finkle and Einhorn.

I expected this kind of behavior from somewhere like Chuck E. Cheese, who've been accused of making full pizzas out of left over pizzas among other shady practices, but not Hooters.

Has anyone else noticed this, or any other restaurants doing this?

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