Kendall Neff thought she was supporting a local business when she and her husband ordered dinner Saturday night.

They wanted to eat local, so they looked through Grubhub and saw Pasqually's Pizza & Wings listed as a restaurant. The menu included only a few items and some canned sodas. They saw the small business with no reviews, so they assumed it was a newer restaurant trying to make it through the pandemic.

The Neff's daughter Millie, is 25 weeks old, and was delivered 11 weeks early. She's immunocompromised, and only recently came home from the NICU. The Neff's have taken full advantage of the 'Contactless Delivery.'

The driver texted Kendall to tell her the order had arrived, and Kendall brought the food in, thinking he went to the wrong store, or they got the wrong order.

The box had a cartoon mouse on them, as well as the words "Chuck E. Cheese." She immediately asked the driver what was going on, and he said the address was a Chuck E. Cheese location, but it had "Pasqually's Pizza & Wings" signs in the window.

Turns out, Pasqually is the chef character that plays in the Chuck E. Cheese band. In an attempt to trick people into ordering their food, Chuck E. Cheese opened a "Virtual Restaurant" on Grubhub.

Virtual restaurants have been on the rise in the last year. The idea is to have a restaurant that's actually the kitchen of another restaurant with a modified menu.

When asked how the food was, the Neffs said the wings weren't anything to write home about, and the pizza was fine, but "if someone was real snobby they might not be happy with it."

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