A good commercial, I believe has got to not only grab your attention but hold your attention.  For instance the Dollar Shave Club commercial where the guy is walking through the warehouse being hilarious.  And the fact that it's all one take...no editing...makes it super fun to watch.

A great commercial makes you feel something. Budweiser's Dwayne Wade spot where he talks to many people from his past that helped him along the way brings a tear to your eye and you may not even realize it's a Bud ad.

An even better commercial makes you remember something. Like being able to quote every line from Airplane! or Christmas Vacation.  A well written commercial allows you to take something with you.

"Gimme a break"

"Where's the beef?"

"Just Do it"

This commercial for deodorant for your private parts...for some reason struck my interest.  It has nothing to to with my need (or lack there of) for the product...but I think if you watch the commercial below, you too will be on the verge of buying something you don't actually think you need.

Some of my favorite quotes include:

“No one wants to ask questions about your privates Jeremy!”

“Stop putting things inside!!”

"inhaling your own front fumes"

"If your junk smells so bad your bad at hide and seek"

"Sensitive parts...like the ones men cant find!"

This might be the perfect time to see this commercial.  Did you happen to draw your brother-in-law's name for the White Elephant Gift Exchange?

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