A high-stakes Texas high school football game was full of drama Thursday after a defensive lineman attacked an official.

During the first half of the Edinburg High School v. PSJA High School game, defensive tackle Emmanuel Duron was ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The video coverage from the game shows an official ejecting Duron, to which Duron responds by running across the field and slamming the referee to the ground.

The referee remained on the field until being taken to an ambulance to be evaluated for a concussion and shoulder injury.

Duron has been a star athlete for Edinburg, on track to get "All-Area" honors. In addition to being a defensive lineman, he's also the team's punter and kicker, and was also named All-Area wrestler of the year.

Despite the delay and ejection of a key player, Edinburg went on to win the game 35-21.

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