If you're like me, you had to hide your candy growing up so your dad didn't eat the good stuff out of your stash, but sometimes my hiding spots weren't good enough, and other times the spots were good, but my dogs would get it.

A new study by OnePoll on behalf of Hi-Chew showed the reasons and places people hid their sweets. The results were not shocking to me, I fit into most of the categories.

People who Americans Hide Their Candy From

  1.  Partner/Significant Other: 52%
  2. Their Child: 51%
  3. Their Co-Workers: 31%
  4. Their Roommate: 28%

Top Hiding Spots

  1. A High Cabinet: 32%
  2. A Dresser: 32%
  3. Their Desk: 26%
  4. Their Closet: 24%
  5. On Top of the Fridge: 22%
  6. In their Bag: 22%
  7. In their Car: 18%
  8. Under the Bed: 10%

They also had a section of hiding places that make me think that these parents had different hobbies when they were younger.

Unusual Hiding Places:

  • In a hollowed out book on a bookshelf
  • In the laundry room to snack while doing laundry
  • In a broken game console
  • The safe in a home office
  • Inside a box of health food bards
  • Behind dish towels in a drawer
  • A box of noodles
  • A coffee cup
  • A non functioning hallway light fixture

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