It came to our attention yesterday that several listeners, and Klinger, had spotted a series of cars in and around the Quad Cities that were driving down the interstates with no roof on their car.

The driver and passengers were wearing stylish motorcycle helmets. This wouldn't normally be an issue because we see weird things here in the Midwest, but they were driving in the middle of Snowmaggedon.

These cars are part of the third annual Chop Top Challenge. It's a road rally where teams compete to get the most points while traveling from Chicago to New Orleans in a car that they chopped the top off of, and it ends today.

The rules and suggestions for the race are as follows:


  1. Your vehicle must be one that was not offered from the factory with a convertible option. The vehicle must have no top and no windshield.
  2. Full face helmets must be worn by all participants during the road rally. There is an exemption for Bourbon Street.
  3. Participants must obey all driving laws (speed limits, road signs, seat belts, proper insurance & registration). You really don’t need to be speeding in a car that is arguably already quite dangerous.


  1. It is strongly recommended that you weld the doors shut and have a roll cage in the vehicle. Safety first.
  2. Warm clothes. Nola is not fun if you are still dealing with the effects of hypothermia. Like, seriously warm clothes. (Like I thought I was gonna lounge the whole way down in sandals and shorts with a hoodie on and I ended up wearing every piece of clothing I owned.)
  3. Snow tires might be a good option (Chicago in April, could be 60, could be -20 )
  4. In-helmet walkie talkies with music capabilities is a must if you want to have any fun. Like seriously essential.

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