On Friday night, Motley Crue swung through Kansas City to play a free show for those attending the NFL Draft. The whole concert was professionally broadcast - just not on TV. The NFL streamed the whole concert onto their social media for free - and the links are still live.

It was an unforgettable show, with a special performance of Home Sweet Home, which they moved away from the stage to a second stage built into a fountain. Kansas City is known as "The City of Fountains," so it's only appropriate.

The stage had a thin layer of water across the surface, and the fountains were synchronized around Tommy Lee's drumset to raise and lower throughout the song.

NFL via Facebook
NFL via Facebook

Check out the whole 40 minute show below. The first few moments of the stream don't have audio, but just hang around, it kicks in and stays in (except when they mute the swear words out, which is most of when Tommy Lee addresses the crowd).


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