First off.  It's taken me 3 times as long to write this "article" than normal.  I keep getting sucked into watching more of these videos.  So, I've closed all tabs and am going to focus on this so I can go back to mean working.

I'm so cynical these days when it comes to "viral" videos.  Many I see are so obviously fake that I can't stomach them.  I've even got my 9 year old on the scent.  He shows me TikToks and tells me "this is so fake".

I think a good dose of cynicism is healthy for a young child.  Ask adults questions.  Make them show their work.  Hold them accountable.  Tell them they're bad actors if they're doing something just for clicks & likes.

Then every once in a while you run into a video that can't be faked.  If they were THAT good of an actor they wouldn't be doing stupid YouTube videos...they'd be in Hollywood films getting the royal treatment from their trailers then heading back home to their super model girlfriends.


This is ElectroBOOM.  The gist of it is he plays with electricity and gets shocked to hell every time.  It's dangerous.  It's stupid.  It should never be attempted.

But's hilarious.

He's obviously a smart fella.  He's an engineer of some sort and has found a niche in the video world that I'm guessing he fell into.  Something like, "I should tape me putting together this electric thingamajig".  **Crickets** Then he zaps himself and people clap.

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