Today is Geddy Lee's 61st birthday.  That means he was 15 when he joined the band Rush ....   15 !!!   Considering the age and the role he played with Rush from that moment on, his accomplishments are more than just remarkable.  His given name of "Gary" yielded to "Geddy" because his Polish/Jewish mother couldn't pronounce "R's" very well, and his friends picked up on it...eventually he just gave in.  I would say that what I find most surprising looking at his accolades, is that while he has won several "Best Bassist" awards, he has scant few "Vocalist" awards.  It's very small, the number of vocalists that have the combination of such a unique voice (especially pre-1980) and such diverse instrumental and production talents.  In my opinion, Gary Lee Weinrub is in a class ALMOST by himself ...  So today Rush fans, I salute you!