So yesterday was the 73rd Birthday for Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts, and I said yesterday that I would write something today.   Graphic Artist, Author, Jazz Drummer, and finally in 1963, The Rolling Stones beat-keeper.  The Stones tried for over a year to get him to join the band, but he was making good money with other gigs and The Stones were brand he declined several offers.  One year after joining the crazy life of this new band, he got married.  Huh..?  It's pretty impressive that he's still married to Shirley today, and even more impressive was how faithful he was to her over the years, with few if any exceptions.  The guy who's always hated playing outdoors/festivals is on record as having once put a banjo head on a drum stand because he didn't have a snare.  He weighs about all of 130 pounds soaking wet, but carries a ton when it comes to his contribution to the "Worlds Greatest Rock & Roll Band" .. Mick and Keith call him "irreplaceable".  Thankfully he's been cancer free since his throat cancer scare of 2004.  And thankfully, if-and-when the Stones ever do call it quits, we'll still see Charlie performing as a jazz drummer as long as he has hands!  Stones Fans, today I salute you.