Today is Mick Fleetwood's birthday...He's 66.  He's the only member of Fleetwood Mac to have been there through every change and every version of the band.  He left his family in Norway, dropped out of school, and went to England to pursue drumming...met up with Peter Green and some others, and formed the first version of the band ... AT FIFTEEN!  He's a tremendous drummer, technical and powerful (maybe cause he's 6'6") he's an adult diabetic, a cocaine addict, a bankruptcy survivor, and yes, another on the list of those who had an affair with Stevie Nicks.  The details of his life and career are a mile long and hard to summarize ... but hey, he sure has made Classic Rock more interesting over the last 40 or 50 years, huh!  So Fleetwood Mac fans, today I salute you!