Dwyer & Michaels will be spending the morning of Saturday, October 2nd at Duck Creek Tire in Bettendorf for good reason.

The Cheerin' For Charly Benefit Car Show will be at Duck Creek Tire from 10-2, and Dwyer & Michaels will be broadcasting LIVE!

Charly was 8 years old when she fought Ewing's Sarcoma, a cancer that forms in and around the bones. She won that battle, but sadly, 8 years later she now has a reoccurrence of her bone cancer. It's an uphill battle, but she's ready to fight.


To help in her fight, each vehicle entered in the car show will pay a $10 entry fee, all of which will be given to Charly's family toward her medical expenses.

If you buy a select set of four Goodyear tires during the month of October, $50 will be donated to the fund as well.

During the show, raffle tickets will be sold for a winner to receive a new set of tires.

If you're unable to make it this weekend, but would like to donate, the family does have an active GoFundMe set up in their honor.

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