Hairball texted me yesterday to ask if I've heard of a radio show based in Florida. I asked him why, assuming he was offered a job, being he's the best damn web intern we've ever had.

He said his grandpa was reached out to by a "producer" of a radio show because of a press release sent to them about one of his self published books, The West Side Kids Meet the Small Fry, the prequel to Stunning Stephen Edwards and the West Side Kids in the Invisible Man.

Hairball's grandpa had him talk to the "producer", because he work in radio.

The guy said they would do live-reads for the book, and a 20 minute Skype interview. Hairball had the producer send him an email with the details.

It turned out that the producer was actually a "Senior Acquisition Specialist" with an agency. The guy said with the interview, Grandpa would get:

  • 20 minute-Radio/Video interview with the show
  • Online availability(Youtube, Spotify, etc.)
  • The agency's online publicity.

Sounds pretty good, right? Except right below that, there's one little detail:

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

That's a little steep, and I'm pretty sure illegal, so Grandpa's going to have to find another show to plug his book on. Good thing I know a guy.

Hairball told us his Grandpa wrote his first book on his breaks when he worked at Ralston-Purina on a legal pad as a long send-off letter to the softball team he'd been coaching for a few years. He decided to self-publish it and start selling Life is Too Short: Life is What We Make It.

Check them out, they're pretty good.

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