In this day and age where you can have band merch show up at your door, get it at the same stores you're buying groceries at while you sip your Starbucks and it's becoming the new fashion statement to wear a faded classic rock shirt, Hairball's up in arms and has put some rules on the wearing of these band shirts.

If You're In A Band

If you're in a band, you cannot wear your band's merch off stage. I don't care if it's a hat, shirt, wrist band or underwear.

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You going in public with your brand on your body is advertising yourself, and that's not cool when you're in a band - especially if you're gaining a following of any kind. It's very "Look at me" and self serving.. you want people to notice you.

MOST IMPORTANT: Wearing Band T-Shirts

With this new fashion trend coming in, it's important that we don't have fake fans just out there walking around trying to "look cool."



This is the commandment that came down from the mountain this morning, we're referring to it as "Page 3" of the Ten Commandments:

Thou Shall NOT Wear A Band's Shirt Unless Thou Can Name 3 Songs By The Band

We need to stop this endemic of trendy clothing based on the music we love. You wear your own music shirts. I'm tired of people not knowing even ONE song by the bands on these shirts, and it's time we put our foot down.

Elementary Age Bullying in Schoolyard

Parents, make sure your kids are wearing appropriate attire before they leave the house. I don't mean whether or not they're wearing a coat. Make sure they know 3 songs before they go. If they don't have time to change, at least write the songs on their hand so they can cheat on the test.

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