If you're a cat person, you'll love this: There's a guy in Utah named Philip Rogich who's trying to help as many feral cats as possible make it through the winter.

He takes old Rubbermaid coolers, drills a six-inch hole in one side, and fills them with straw. Then he puts them around his community, so cats can get inside and ride out winter storms.

The fact that coolers are insulated means they can also keep things warm. So they're a perfect shelter. And straw is great, because it stays pretty dry.

Philip didn't come up with the idea himself. The ASPCA website has instructions on how to build them. But he's inspiring more people to do it.

He uses plastic coolers because they're sturdier, and he makes the hole using a six-inch hole saw that attaches to his drill like a normal drill bit. You can buy one at Home Depot or on Amazon for about $20.

Styrofoam coolers work too, and they're even easier because you don't need a drill. Either way, each shelter only takes about five minutes to make.

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