This is probably on my Top 10 Pranks list now, because it's so genius and so embarrassing, I bet the couple actually stays together in the end.

24-year-old Lee from Glasgow, Scotland knew his 38-year-old friend Stephen was taking a gal on their first date, to a fancy steak restaurant.

Lee wanted to help him out on the date, so he called the restaurant pretending to be Stephen, and told them he was planning on proposing tonight. He asked them to bring over a slice of cake that said "Will You Marry Me?" written on the plate after the meal was finished.

When the time came, Lee went to the restaurant undercover to record the whole thing, and he ended up paying for the meal. So it was pretty much a $180 prank.

If you're wondering, Stephen's date didn't seem too impressed by the prank, so it's probable that there won't be a second date.

Read more at Daily Mail

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